Reviving America

America has fallen into a cesspool of sin and moral decay. Reviving America will happen when our nation starts seeking God. We believe this has to start happening on a local level through individuals and the church.

God has called upon his church and his people to bring Revival upon the land. All God's people need to prepare for the coming glory that will shake the earth as the Great Awakening of the spirit is released. The time for the Glory of God to be poured out upon America has  arrived. Revival One is called to be a part of this fresh breath of spirit that will be breathed upon the multitudes drawing them into the arms of Jesus. The harvest is ready.

Our Vision is to ignite, prepare, and mobilize ministries and community leaders with a passion for God to bring a spiritual renewal to individuals and families, churches, campuses, and nations. Our vision is open to all pastors, ministry leaders, and individuals who are deeply passionate for a fresh revival and spiritual awakening in America.

· Ignite

To pray for the release of God's power to ignite a heaven-sent Holy Spirit Revival upon America.

· Prepare

Prepare ministry and community leaders to effectively communicate and coordinate revival in their communities, their State, and across the nation.

· Mobilize

Mobilize leaders to coordinate and connect as a united outpouring of prayer and worship that ushers an awakening of the spirit and a harvest of lost souls into a earth shaking revival.

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Revival One Network

The Revival One Network is joining pastors, prayer warriors, and community leaders to form a prayer movement for Revival.