Revival ONE Prayer Team
Coordinating with local prayer teams to come together to unite in prayer for our nation.

Margo Praying on Capital Hill

"The neglect of prayer is a grand hindrance to holiness." - John Wesley

Praying on the Hill
Revival ONE Prayer was conducted Thurs 3-5 on the Hill

Margo Hamilton, Director of Revival ONE, in the Cannon Building, Capital Hill, Washington, DC. This was a moment of quiet reflection before starting a prayer session.

"Let me burn out for God. After all, whatever God may appoint, prayer is the great thing. Oh, that I may be a man of prayer!" - Henry Martyn

"A godly man is a praying man. As soon as grace is poured in, prayer is poured out. Prayer is the soul's traffic with Heaven; God comes down to us by His Spirit, and we go up to Him by prayer." - Thomas Watson

The Prayer Closet

"There is absolutely no substitute for this secret communion with God. The public Church services, or even the family altar, cannot take the place of the 'closet' prayer. We must deliberately seek to meet with God absolutely alone, and to secure such aloneness with God we are bidden to 'enter into thy closet.' God absolutely insists on this 'closet'-communion with Himself. One reason, no doubt, that He demands it, is to test our sincerity. There is no test for the soul like solitude. Do you shrink from solitude? Perhaps the cause for your neglect of the 'closet' is a guilty conscience? You are afraid to enter into the solitude. You know that however cheerful you appear to be you are not really happy. You surround yourself with company lest, being alone, truth should invade your delusion…" – Gordon Cove

Revival ONE Prayer Team
"Oh, how few find time for prayer! There is time for everything else, time to sleep and time to eat, time to read the newspaper and the novel, time to visit friends, time for everything else under the sun, but-no time for prayer, the most important of all things, the one great essential!" - Oswald Smith

Healing our Nation
Hebrews 4:16

  • Psalm 133
  • Ephesians 4:2-3 -- Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.
  • Johh 17

Returning our Nation to God's Standards of Righteousness

Touching the Throne of God

"Some years ago in China, at a meeting of missionaries and Chinese pastors, one of the Chinese pastors made a striking address. He said that he and his brethren were more than grateful to those who brought them the word of life and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, but yet, he said, there was one thing more which missionaries should teach their spiritual children. This new thing was to pray with authority, so that they might know how to take their stand in faith before the throne and rebuke the forces of evil, holding steady and firm, and gain the victory over them. That same need is tremendously evident today in the experiences of all that are seeking to walk closely with the Lord, and to stand for Him in the face of increasing opposition. Some have spoken of this as ‘throne prayer’- praying with one's hand touching the throne of God."
- T. Stanley Solta

"Will Thou not revive us again that your people may rejoice in you?" Psalm 85:6

"Love is kindled in a flame, and ardency is its life. Flame is the air which true Christian experience breathes. It feeds on fire; it can withstand anything rather than a feeble flame; but when the surrounding atmosphere is frigid or lukewarm, it dies, chilled and starved to its vitals. True prayer MUST be aflame."
- E. M. Bounds

  • Healing our body - Healing our Spirit
  • Uniting our Hearts - Unity in the Body of Christ
  • Repentance
  • Corporate Prayer
  • Intercession
  • The Holy Spirit Protection "No weapon formed against us shall prosper"

James 5:16 Pray together for one another

Romans 8:26
Luke -- Pray always - don't lose heart

"Satan does not care how many people read about prayer if only he can keep them from praying. When a church is truly convinced that prayer is where the action is, that church will so construct its corporate activities that the prayer program will have the highest priority." - Paul E. Billheimer

Our Prayerful Declarations for America

Help Us Pray for the United States - We invite all Prophetic Worshipers and Intercessors to pray with us.

At Revival One we are praying over our great nation and the church of Jesus Christ. We pray and rejoice that the Holy Spirit will awaken those who slumber, and will bring a revival to our land.

  • We pray that God will transform our decaying culture and return our nation back to Biblical Values. (American Outreach for Biblical Values).
  • We pray that the church is revived and becomes the light to all people, and destroys the strongholds of darkness
  • We pray that America receives a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit, as it was poured out upon the early Church.
  • We pray for a mighty army of prayer warriors and worshipers who will raise their prayers to the heavens and pray for the release of the Holy Spirit upon our land and its people.
  • We pray that our Lord tears down the spirit of legalism, exposes the self serving man-made religion, and humbles the pride of self-righteousness.
  • We pray for a release of God's supernatural power upon his people that they may demonstrate miracles in the lives of the lost, that they be found.
  • We pray that God's goodness, mercy, and unfailing love will follow us all the days of our lives.

We believe that Jesus will meet all our needs and bless us with his Glorious Riches. We sing praises to his Holy Name. Our God is a mighty God and answers the prayers of those who believe in and follow him. As we pray, God will spread his mercy and grace upon us. Revival will transform our nation.


1.)    Ingathering of Apostles and Prophets, a movement of Prayer, Praise, Revelation of  Repentance, Reconciliation, Restoration, Awakening and Revival. Watchmen and LORDS Message for his people. CORINTHIANS 12:27-28, EZEKIEL 33:1-6, 37:1-6  

 2.)   Ingathering of the Church Leaders for claiming the Church for Unity of Prayer for movement of Awakening and Reviving of Vero Beach, through Repentance, Reconciliation, Awakening, Revival. JOEL 2:12-17  

 3.)   Ingathering of Prayer Warriors of intercession on ground and aerial prayers for the cleansing of the land. Repentance and Reconciliation, Awakening and Revival.  Ephesians 6:10-18, Daniel 10:13-14  

 4.)   Ingathering of worship teams to unite for the up most highest praises to ministering to Lords heart for a movement of Lord for Awakening and Reviving Vero Beach PSALM 100:4-5, PSALM 149:6, Psalm 30:4, Psalm 33:1-3  

 5.)   Ingathering the youth for prayer for revival of Vero Beach. JOSHUA 1:5-11  

 MATTHEW 10:1,7-8  

 ISAIAH 61:1

 MATTHEW 19:20  

MATTHEW 25:35 

Your Prayer Support

The earnest prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available. - James 5:16b Amplified Bible

Join us and become a part of our group of intercessor prayer warriors. There is incredible power when God's people commit to prayer and intercession.

Then I will bring them to my holy mountain of Zion. I will give them joy in my house. They can pray there. I will accept their burnt offerings and sacrifices on my altar. My house will be called a house where people from all nations can pray. - Isaiah 56:7 New International Reader's Version

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