Revival ONE Network
Uniting the Body of Christ

Mobilizing the body of Christ and Citizens of the Nation to unify in the Revival of America.

Setting up headquarters in each state to inform and unite churches and leaders on political issues and to coordinate an awakening in their geographical region.

The Revival One Network seeks to corporately take the land back for the fullness and glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will co-labor with churches for an out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, and an awakening of the revival movent in America. Our network will co-labor with the leadership of spirit filled churches in accordance with Psalm 133 and John 17:20-26.  Revival One walks in love and unity.

Network Partners

Become one of our network partners. Join us in our efforts to help bring Revival to America and to our communities. 

Our network is headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida. To join our network, please contact us.

Get in Touch!

Telephone: (772) 532-3235

Vero Beach, FL

Revival One Network

The Revival One Network is joining pastors, prayer warriors, and community leaders to form a prayer movement for Revival.