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Revival One is dedicated to praying for Revival in our Communities and our Nation. Vigilant prayer is needed to save America!


Reverend Margo Hamilton - Stynchcomb

Margo has been ministering to God's children for several decades, including feeding the poor, teaching and instructing, fighting Human Trafficking and substance abuse, and praying and mobilizing for Revival.  Margo and her team of prayer warriors are actively engaged in spiritual warfare and praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to bring revival to Vero Beach and the nation. Margo's resume is available upon request.

About Reverend Margo Hamiltonh - Stynchcomb


1991 -- Palm Beach, Florida: As a Church leader of Paramount Church, in my home town, I called the leadership of ministries of Palm Beach to unite in prayer once a week for a year, praying for salvation in our town. Psalm 133.  

1992--  Palm Beach County, Florida: Evangelist, John Guest through the DeMoss Ministries called churches to prayer in Palm Beach and Palm Beach County for Revival. As church leaders, we participated by attending prayer meetings that lead to Revival Events. Many souls came into the Kingdom and churches were ignited for the Lord.

1996 -- Palm Beach, Florida, I started House Prayers meetings of Awakening and Revival. I ministered by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and an outbreak of Revival started. We hosted, and paid for the trips of many individuals to attend several revivals, including the Brownsville Revival, Toronto, Argentina for an Out Pouring of Revival.

1997-1998   Palm Beach County, Florida, Revival Ministries of Palm Beach.  I called Pastors in the county to prayer ingathering. Revival Prayer meetings were started throughout the county, as revival broke out. We sent many Church Leaders, Ministries and individuals for all expense paid trips to attend the Brownsville Revival.        

- Revival Ministries of Palm Beach brought many National and International Ministries to Palm Beach and Palm Beach County to minister. 

- The Nehemiah Wall of Intercession was established as a 7/24 Prayer group throughout  Palm Beach County.

1998-2001   Jerusalem, Israel, Revival Ministries of Palm Beach, Partner with International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem, Chosen People Ministries, Tom Hess, Mahesh Chavda. Barry Segal, Asher Entrater etc. Ingathering of meetings of unity of prayer meeting with church leaders calling Revival. Call of Repentance, Reconciliation,  Restoration, and Revival. During this period I served the needs of the land; Matthew 25:35, Isaiah 61:1-11, Psalm 122.

2001-2010   Washington DC. On 9/11/2011 I flew into DC for a black- tie event, honoring Mother Theresa. Because of the 9-11 attack, the event was canceled. Instead I prayed for week in Washington, DC; (The home where my father worked in the Pentagon and I attended American University to study International Relations in the early eighties.) The result of prayer, the Lord called me to leave Palm Beach and reside in Washington to prayer for the soul of our Nation. In DC, I established Revival One and the American Outreach for Biblical Values organizations. I prayed and fasted for months seeking the Lord's leading. The result of prayer; Local and National Intercessory Groups and Ministry Leaders gathered for a call to prayer for our Nation, II Chronicles 7:14. The meetings were held in a non-competitive environment, at the Family Research Council. We corporately prayed for our Nation to return to the Lord and for a national reviving of churches. We also, prayed for social and political issues of the day. It has continued today through the leading of Rev. Pierre Bynum of the Family Research Council, Washington DC

2013:  Vero Beach, Florida, Reinhard Bonnke Ministries, Revival Tent Meeting for three days in Vero Beach County. I hosted a prayer meeting with Church Leaders and his staff in my house for a Revival for Vero Beach County.

The Lord is beginning to Awaken Vero Beach for a great move of God at a deeper and lasting level on behalf of His Church and unto the people of this land. I had recurring vision of white tent meetings since 2011. I believe the Lords is Out Pouring His Spirit unto a people of prayer according to II Chronicles 7:14 and Joel 2:12-17.

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